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New Doctor Who book to tell untold history of the Daleks

There's more to the Doctor Who baddie than meets the eyestalk

Published: Wednesday, 12th July 2017 at 2:50 pm

Not to worry you, but the Daleks are now fully primed to fly into your house and invade your room. Well, at least your bookshelf: a biography of Doctor Who’s greatest tin-pot killers is about to be released.


An illustrated book on the foes from Skaro called – WAIT FOR IT – 'Dalek' tells the story of the monsters' beginnings and the ascent of the ‘supreme race’.

From their Davros-designed genesis in the thousand-year conflict between Thals and Kaleds, to their almost destruction in the Time War and their return to conquest: it’s all in there.

And there’s also plenty Whovians haven’t heard of before, with the book promising tales/comics/diagrams of never-before-seen conflicts through spacetime.

If you can’t wait to get your plunger and whisk on the new hardback then you’ve not got too long to *ANTICIPATE * – it’s out on 26th October.

The bio is welcome news for fans after another Dalek project was recently shelved ­– in a bad way. A crowdfunded film telling the history of the Daleks, called The Undiscovered Daleks, hit various snags including copyright issues according to sources close to the project.


However, that hasn't exterminated the documentary – filmmaker and TV critic Victor Lewis-Smith is still determined to get close to the Doctor's greatest enemies. And if we know anything about the Daleks is that they love a bit of intimacy. Good luck Lewis-Smith.


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