Never mind The Doctor, there’s a time travelling cow called Doctor Moo

The four legged adventurer can travel through space and time – and he's milking it for all it's worth


Never mind The Doctor, there’s a four legged Time Lord flying through space and time and he goes by the name of Doctor Moo.


Together with his assistant Sheila, Doctor Moo is on a mission to discover why cows haven’t quite managed to take over the universe just yet.

The pair travel right the way back to the dawn of time, with Doctor Moo’s trusty Sonic Moodriver to hand. Or should we say hoof?

Filmed on location in Wales, Devon and the London Borough of Harrow (the wheelie bin scene to be precise), Doctor Moo is the work of Jo Stephenson and Nick Trepka.


Now, tell us, when’s it getting a full series?