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Netflix could be planning choose-your-own-ending Black Mirror episode

We're calling it now: all of them will be HORRIBLE

Published: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 at 10:22 am

From tales of killer robot dogs to online blackmailers, Netflix’s Black Mirror isn’t exactly known for its happy stories. And looks like YOU might have to work your way around a terrifying dystopian tale in an interactive episode.


That’s according to a new report from Bloomberg that claims that season five of the anthology series, which will reportedly be released in December, will include a choose-your-own-adventure episode.

This means viewers will be allowed to pick how the plot proceeds, with the option of revisiting the episode and selecting another scenario.

Furthermore, the report says the Black Mirror episode is part of a series of planned interactive programming from Netflix. It’s claimed that other upcoming shows and movies will also allow viewers to choose narratives.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Netflix has allowed viewers to influence shows, releasing several choose-your-own-adventure children episodes. For instance, in Puss in Book viewers must choose whether the lead must fight either a god or a tree.


However, it’s likely Black Mirror – a show that examines the implication of sinister future technology – could add another (and probably really horrible) layer of complexity to such a story.

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