Missy doesn’t fancy the Doctor – but she would snog a Dalek, says Michelle Gomez

She’s Just Not That Into Who

Put away your Whovian slash fiction, internet – because despite what you may have hoped, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his old enemy Missy (Michelle Gomez) won’t be getting it on anytime soon in Doctor Who. Nope, they’re just weird, centuries-old and slightly murdery friends – Michelle Gomez herself has confirmed it.


“You’re reading into it something that I’ve never even thought of,” Gomez told Radio Times when asked about the sexual chemistry between herself and her fellow Time Lord. We guess it makes sense – despite passingly describing the Doctor as her “boyfriend” in series 8, in this week’s episode she clearly defines herself as a close friend to the Doctor, not a romantic interest.

Still, didn’t they kiss in series 8 (below)? We’re pretty sure that wasn’t just a scary and confusing dream we had.

“Oh, she’ll snog anything,” Gomez said dismissively. “She’d snog a Dalek.” Now there’s a mental image we can’t get out of our minds…

In the interview, Gomez goes on to discuss how her female version of the Master (a character played exclusively by male actors until her arrival) was able to shake things up on the long-running sci-fi series.

“What’s interesting is that as soon as you make the Master the Mistress, it just blows open all these new possibilities for different relationships that couldn’t have happened before,” she said.

“With Clara, it would have been straight away, ‘What is the romantic connection, does the Master fancy her?’ No. We can move past that, into something much more interesting, much more detailed, which is life. That’s what life is. It’s not all black and white.”

“I’m a Doctor Who fan first and foremost and then an actor,” she added. “I knew what it meant to change the Master’s gender. But I didn’t want to be daunted by that. I couldn’t think too deeply about it.”


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