Missy, Amy Pond and Rory Williams know how to do a Doctor Who crossover

Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan and Michelle Gomez prove they're masters of selfies at Ottawa Comic Con


What do you get if you put Rory Williams, Amy Pond and Missy in the same picture together? A whole lot of excitement.


Yes, posing for a snap during Ottawa Comic Con this weekend Arthur Darvill, Karen Gillan and Michelle Gomez caused quite the stir with this Doctor Who crossover group shot.

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“I would love to see Amy, Missy and Rory,” wrote one fan. “Gah! This is simply fabulous,” wrote another while one got straight to the point: “The three people from Doctor Who I like.”

Darvill, who shared the picture online, simply captioned it: “Crikey”.


He followed it with this snapshot, with a slightly more direct message.