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The Midwich Cuckoos ending explained: What happens to the Children of Midwich?

Spoilers ahead as we deep-dive into the ending of The Midwich Cuckoos.

The children in Sky's The Midwich Cuckoos
Published: Friday, 10th June 2022 at 5:43 pm
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By: Meg Walters


There is no shortage of thrillers that feature creepy children — The Shining and Orphan are just a few that spring to mind. But The Midwich Cuckoos takes the classic creepy kid trope to a whole new level.

Based on the classic sci-fi novel by John Wyndham, the new Sky series sets the scene in a sleepy town in Britain. Everything changes when a mysterious power blackout hits the town and all of the residents fall unconscious for 12 hours. When they awaken, every woman of child-bearing age is mysteriously pregnant. "I felt like I was visited," explains one.

Over the next few years, the town begins to realise that these children are not exactly normal. They age at double the rate of normal children. They can control people with their minds and glowing yellow eyes. And, they all seem to share a telepathic 'hive' mind.

Eventually, some sleuthing members of the town, like Zoe (Aisling Loftus) and Sam (Ukweli Roach), a young couple, Dr Suzannah Zellaby (Keeley Hawes), a family therapist and DCI Paul Haynes (Max Beesley), a local policeman, uncover more about where these supernatural children really came from and what they really want.

Want to know what happens to the town of Midwich at the end of this creepy sci-fi series? Here's everything you need to know.

**Spoiler warning for The Midwich Cuckoos**

Where did the Hive come from?

Over the course of the series, we learn that this isn't the first time the Hive has infiltrated a village — Zellaby and Paul find a government document that shows the same Hive first came to the town of Nordosk, Russia in 1973. Eventually, they were killed by the residents of the town (which explains the nightmares all the kids have been having about being left in the snow).

In the penultimate episode, Zellaby also learns that Mr. Wescott, the government agent assigned to oversee the case of Midwich's creepy Hive children, is actually one of them, too. It turns out, he was the one child who managed to survive back in 1973, and he's been waiting to bring back his Hive ever since.

Keeley Hawes in The Midwich Cuckoos

What is the Hive's plan?

While the Hive initially claim that they only want to be loved by their parents, by the finale, it's clear they have slightly more nefarious plans. As a new species, their main drive is survival — even if that means taking over and controlling humanity.

First, they use their supernatural mind-controlling abilities to take over a local platoon. Then, they plot to leave the town to, presumably, take over the entire army. Before they leave, they plan to orchestrate another blackout, this time, to wipe the town's memory of them.

Their plan probably would have worked, but Zellaby and Paul realise that they need to be stopped. So, they make a plan of their own — to destroy the Hive once and for all.

What happens to the Hive in the end?

Zellaby heads to the school where the Hive has set up camp — and where they're keeping Cassie (Synnove Karlsen), Zellaby's daughter, who is still emotionally attached to her Hive daughter, Evie. Zellaby lies, telling the Hive that they're a superior species and she wants to help them take over. "We're a flawed creature," she pleads to her alien granddaughter, Evie. "Whatever you're planning, let me help you." The Hive agrees to let her come with them. Meanwhile, Paul builds a bomb.

The Hive sends Zellaby and Cassie into the basement, telling them they'll be safe from the coming blackout. Just before the blackout begins, Nathan's Jodie's son and Paul's nephew, calls Paul to warn him to get underground, too. While he's a member of the Hive, it seems that he has developed more human-like qualities than his Hive counterparts and he has been using self-inflicted pain to shield his mind from the Hive.

Paul gets the message about the blackout to Sam and Zoe, but he can't reach Jodie in time — she collapses as the blackout begins.

The next day, as the bus prepares to leave, Zellaby tells Nathan and Cassie to escape into the woods. The bus sets off. The Hive seem happy and hopeful for their future. Evie even reaches for grandmother's hand, saying, "I'm glad you're with us. I would have missed you." While Evie and Zellaby share a rare moment of real connection, Paul sets off the bomb, killing both the Hive and Zellaby.

The Midwich Cuckoos.

What lies in the future for the town of Midwich?

By the end of The Cuckoos of Midwich, it seems that the town can finally return to normal — but there are still a few loose ends.

While most of the town has forgotten they were ever visited by the Hive, Paul, Cassie, Sam and Zoe know the truth.

Plus, the entire Hive wasn't actually destroyed. After all, both Wescott and Nathan escaped the explosion, which certainly leaves some room for new Hive adventures in a potential second season. Perhaps Wescott and Nathan will join forces. Or, maybe Nathan will become a Wescott-type figure in the future, bringing back the Hive once again.

The Midwich Cuckoos continues weekly on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Max and NOW – sign up for Sky TV here. Looking for something else to watch? Visit our TV Guide, or take a look at the rest of our Sci-Fi coverage.


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