Hold on to your black straw hats, Whovians: Michelle Gomez might not be through with Doctor Who just yet.


Although her character, rogue Time Lord Missy, was last seen in the series 10 finale apparently zapped to death by previous incarnation The Master, Gomez recently hinted she could re-materialise at some point in the future (or the past).

When asked by TVLine at the San Diego Comic-Con if the actor would return, Gomez said: "Probably not. I think that's enough of Missy now. It's good to know when to leave the party.

"It was a jolly good party, but time to leave – and then maybe come back, but time to leave for now.

"It feels like this was a chapter – a perfect chapter, actually – with [showrunner] Steven [Moffat] and Peter [Capaldi]. I don't know about being a Master to another Doctor. I feel very loyal to Peter and I don't know how that would work, but I am willing to find out at a later date."

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(Yes, we have unashamedly underlined the relevant sections for emphasis)

That’s right: Missy could maybe return at later date. You know, just like how John Simm’s version of The Master miraculously reappeared on the show after seven years. Is it possible we’ll see Missy ripping off a disguise in 2024?

Missy isn’t the only mischievous Gallifreyan who could make a comeback either. Simm himself recently hinted his version of The Master could be back again.

"You know what, I don't know," said Simm when asked if he’d come back to the show by Doctor Who Magazine (issue 514). "I mean, I wouldn't have thought in a million years that I'd be back [in 2017], yet here I am talking about it. So never say never."

You never know: Simm and Gomez could reunite for another multi-master story in a few years time – maybe with another incarnation thrown into the mix.


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