Michelle Gomez reading a Doctor Who Mr Men book is just the pick-me-up you need

The actress narrates a tale starring Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and her own character Missy


The fact that Doctor Who-themed Mr Men books exist was already a pretty weird and wonderful thing, but the whole project just got a tiny bit better – because now series actress Michelle Gomez has narrated one of the stories to bring it to life in a new video.


Reading the story from Dr Twelfth (starring Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord and her villain Missy), Gomez tells the tale of a frantic race through time as the Doctor tries to stop Missy stealing various artefacts, with the illustration and humour in the book second only to Gomez’s intriguing interpretation of Capaldi’s voice.

Our favourite dialogue exchange has to be the bit where the Doctor refuses to hear the details of Missy’s “devious plan” (“No, don’t care, I’m off now,” he tells his foe), but frankly the whole thing is perfectly charming.

If you have to listen to just one official Doctor Who cartoon novelisation narration by Michelle Gomez this week, this is definitely the one to go for.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturdays at 7.20pm