Merlin’s Alexander Vlahos really wants that guest role in Doctor Who

The Versailles actor has tweeted his bid for the Tardis


Alexander Vlahos may be playing Prince Philippe in royal drama Versailles – but it seems skipping back to 17th century Paris has given him a taste for time travel.


When Doctor Who’s Twitter account asked what fans were most hoping for from series 10, Merlin actor Vlahos had a bold suggestion…

This isn’t the first time Vlahos has made his penchant for Doctor Who abundantly clear – in a recent interview with the actor said of his Versailles role;

“The only time I would ever get to play something similar to this is if I played the Doctor.

“The Doctor can be a kind man, a grumpy man; he can be sweet and generous and intelligent; the cleverest man in the room or the silliest man in the room at any given moment. And [Versailles’] Prince Philippe is complicated. He’s not one thing or another…”


Well, they do say perseverance is key.