Matt Lucas will “probably ruin the show for you” in behind the scenes peek at Doctor Who Christmas special

Go backstage on the set of the Return of Doctor Mysterio...


For Doctor Who fans, it’s been a long old year. Bereft of a series this autumn, it falls to the Christmas special to provide some light at the end of 2016’s dark tunnel. And Matt Lucas is on board to lend a helping hand…


The Little Britain star returns to the Tardis for a festive instalment, reprising his role as Nardole alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, ahead of Pearl Mackie’s start as new companion Bill next spring.

The episode was filmed earlier this year, and – luckily for us – Lucas smuggled a camera onto set, recording a behind-the-scenes peek for fans that even includes the Doctor himself.

And while the scenes being filmed are set in a spaceship, the footage Lucas captured shows the less glamorous side to working on a hit TV show – plenty of scaffolding, chairs, wiring and blokes standing around with clipboards.

In the words of Nardole himself, “I’ve probably ruined the show for you forever”…