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Marvel's Spider-Man artist is teaching kids to draw online

The live stream lessons show children how to draw their favourite characters

Two spider-men swinging in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Published: Tuesday, 31st March 2020 at 10:22 am

A Marvel Comics artist is providing children with online lessons on how to draw their favourite characters.


Will Sliney, who has primarily worked on Spider-Man and Star Wars comic books, started the initiative shortly after schools were closed due to coronavirus.

He told BBC News that he had been expecting only around 100 kids to take part, but thousands of children are now excitedly tuning in for his drawing challenges.

Sliney said: "It's all for a good reason. It's all in really, really good spirits. One, it's doing something creative that kids enjoy and they're all learning from it, but two, it's really helping the adults seeing the drawings that the kids are doing.

"You see how happy they are doing them. Everyone that's shown a picture of themselves with the drawing, there seems to be a big smile on their face and you can't help but feel good after seeing something like that."

Previous live streams are now available to watch as videos on Sliney's YouTube channel, with the next session due to take place there this afternoon (Tuesday 31st March) at 4pm.

Today's lesson will be all about Simpsons characters, so any fans of the classic animated comedy should make sure to attend (with pen and paper ready)...


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