Complex and visually arresting, Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle envisions what life would be like had the Axis powers won WWII. Loosely based on Philip K Dick’s novel of the same name, the intelligent, genre-bending series challenges viewers’ perceptions and beliefs.


How can I watch The Man in the High Castle?

An Amazon Original, The Man in The High Castle is available on Amazon Prime.

How many seasons and episodes of The Man in the High Castle are there?

So far, three seasons of the series have aired, each comprised of ten episodes.

What is The Man in the High Castle about?

Loosely based on the novel by Philip K Dick, the series depicts a world in which the Axis powers win World War 2. The United States have been divided between the Nazis and the Japanese empire, who are locked in a cold war.

It’s now the 1960s, and Joe Blake, an underground resistance worker, is sent on a secret mission to the neutral zone. Meanwhile, Juliana Crain, living in Japanese-controlled San Francisco, receives a mysterious package containing what appears to be footage of the Allies winning the war, upending the characters’ reality as they know it. As the cold war begins to heat up, so does the characters’ desire for the truth.

Where is The Man in the High Castle set?

The show is set in an alternate reality 1960s United States—primarily Nazi-controlled New York and Japanese-occupied San Francisco.

What does The Man in the High Castle mean?

The mysterious films, released by The Man in the High Castle, are central to the series’ plot and tension. Who — or what — is he? Watch to find out.

Who is in The Man in the High Castle cast?

Alexa Davalos (Angel) stars as Juliana Crain, who receives one of The Man in the High Castle’s videos from her sister. Rupert Evans (Charmed) plays her factory-worker boyfriend, Frank Fink.

Alexa Davalos (Getty Images)

Resistance member Joe Blake, played by Bones’ Luke Kleintank, encounters Juliana as part of his secret mission.

(Getty Images)

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa received wide acclaim for his portrayal of Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi as did Rufus Sewell for his role as Nazi villain John Smith.

Rufus Sewell (Getty Images)

When is The Man in the High Castle back?

The series was renewed in 2018 for a fourth and final season. It will premiere on Amazon Prime on 15 November 2019.

Where was The Man in the High Castle filmed?

Though set primarily in New York and San Francisco, the show is mostly filmed in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada.


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