Khal Drogo posted the best response to Daenerys’ invasion of Westeros

And reveals that he's not a fan of Daario Naharis...


From beyond the grave, from the Night Lands where he rides with his ancestors, Khal Drogo is looking down on Daenerys’ impending invasion of Westeros and saying, “The world is yours baby kill em all.”


OK, so that’s not strictly true. But it is what Jason Momoa has posted to Instragram, complete with a picture of him watching the Game of Thrones series six finale.

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The world is yours baby kill em all

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We’re sure that even the great Khal himself would be proud, although Momoa wasn’t exactly thrilled with Dany’s new love interest, Daario Naharis.


In an earlier post, featuring a picture of Neharis on screen, he simply said: “DROGO says f**k that punk.”