We've seen Karen Gillan in all manner of guises, from police uniform in Doctor Who to true blue alien in Guardians of The Galaxy, but her latest ensemble for the upcoming Jumanji sequel is causing quite a stir online.


Gillan's co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson shared an exclusive first look at the new characters, featuring Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in full jungle regalia.

Except Gillan wasn't exactly in FULL regalia as 'Ruby Roundhouse', because she was only wearing a crop top and some rather short shorts.

The internet was NOT impressed...

...and let Kevin Hart know all about it...

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@KevinHart4real @karengillan Day 1 of filming. Not to late to change her costume to something lil girls can dress as on Halloween.

— Miss Awesome (@AftonAwesome) September 20, 2016

Some pointed out how impractical the outfit would be...

Johnson, perhaps pre-empting the furore, commented that "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me;)". But that hasn't done much to reassure all fans.

Some took matters into their own hands.

While others called for a new cast photo.

Now, here's the thing. Gillan's Ruby Roundhouse could well be a parody character, ala many of the rather exaggerated board game characters we came across in the original film, so there could be a very powerful message behind her, and she could well complain about her own clothes.

Or maybe she won't, because maybe she's happy to wear whatever she wants in the jungle.

Until we see the film (or at least get a little more plot information), we apparently just have to trust the big guy.


Jumanji opens in UK cinemas on July 28th 2017