Karen Gillan’s best moments as Amy Pond

She was the Girl who Waited that launched the era of Steven Moffat and Matt Smith - let's take a look at Amy Pond's highlights in the Tardis

It was all change for Doctor Who in 2010. A new showrunner in Steven Moffat, a new Doctor in the form of Matt Smith and, of course, a new companion: Amy Pond. 


Played ferociously by Karen Gillan, Pond became known as ‘the Girl who Waited’, but did nothing of the sort when she hit her adult years, with her charging fiery head first into everything she could – whether it be adventure, danger or marriage. Let’s take a look at her best bits. 


10. Amy Pond the Merciless (The Wedding of River Song)

Amy Pond was not a delicate little flower. Not content with machine gunning the bejebus out of a gang of Silence, she then shows just how unforgiving she can be by ignoring Madame Kovarian’s pleas for mercy and instead reattaching her trademark eye patch – which, at that point, had started to self-destruct. Well, Kovarian did steal and raise her daughter to be a psychopath, but as Pond says herself…