With longtime Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat set to depart the series this Christmas (alongside lead actor Peter Capaldi), former star Karen Gillan is in a nostalgic mood.


“It’s the end of an era!” the Scottish actress, now appearing in superhero sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, told RadioTimes.com.

“I saw [Steven] last night at the premiere, for Guardians, and I was like ‘You know what? This must be a really weird time. I’ve been there. I’ve exited the show.’ And it’s harrowing!”

With that said, the trauma of her exit hasn’t stopped Gillan occasionally speculating on what might have been, with the star revealing that at least one episode made her wish she was still starring in the series as companion Amy Pond – the very first after her departure, 2012 Christmas special The Snowmen.

“Actually, I liked that Snowmen one,” Gillan told us in an exclusive video interview (below), “cos they were funny-looking. But I really do need to catch up.”

In fact, Gillan says she hadn’t had much time to watch the series lately – “That’s gonna be my mission when I finally get some time off, I’m gonna catch up on all the Doctor Whos,” she told us – but she did still pass judgement on new companion Pearl Mackie, who she described as “incredible.”

“I’ve seen the trailer, and she looks incredible,” she said. “And my parents are loving her. I’m like ‘alright, calm down guys!’”

And it certainly seems possible that Gillan could one day join Mackie onscreen, telling us that while there are no plans for her to cameo for Steven Moffat’s final episode (as she did for co-star Matt Smith’s in 2013) she’s still very much up for bringing Amy back further down the line.

“No-one’s mentioned anything to me – that would be amazing,” Gillan told us, adding that she’d also be interested to follow in David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s footsteps to bring Amy Pond back to life for audio adventures with Big Finish.

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“I would be open to it,” she concluded of her potential return to the main series. “I’m always open to going back onto the Tardis. But I don’t think there’s any plans for that.”

Oh well – for now, it’s just good to know that Amy Pond is still happy to take a Tardis trip when the need arises. We got Billie Piper back once, after all…


Karen Gillan stars in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, released in UK cinemas on Friday 28th April