Karen Gillan, Queen of Scots, meets First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Former Doctor Who actress visits Edinburgh Castle, fulfils prophecy

Karen ‘Ossian’ Gillan, former Doctor Who companion and Celtic folk hero, has been back in Scotland as a guest judge at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The homecoming has been pretty Scottish.


Make that, really Scottish. The most Scottish. So Scottish she’s hosting a Loch Ness Monster cruise, and hanging out with bagpipers in Edinburgh Castle…

…where she also met the political leader of the entire country.

Wait a moment. Touring the country, reconnecting with the people, rubbing shoulders with the political establishment, taming mythical beasts?

We don’t want to overreact, but it’s possible Karen Gillan is a mythical hero foretold in legend and song, our queen across the water, the flamehaired saviour who will lead Scotland out of its dark times.

We know, we know, it sounds daft, but then there’s this…

What’s the Stone of Destiny you ask? Also known as the Stone of Scone. It’s the traditional anointing throne of Scottish kings. What could she have been whispering, we wonder?


Not convinced? Well, in olden times, Scottish kings were often heralded by strange supernatural events. King James VI & I was plagued by storms he believed were sent by witches, Birnam Wood came to King Macbeth, and now, Karen Gillan returns to Edinburgh and…

It’s an omen!

All hail Queen Karen!