Justin Chatwin’s Grant makes a smashing entrance in new Doctor Who Christmas special teaser

But will he "smash it" with the Time Lord come Christmas Day?


We still don’t know very much about Justin Chatwin’s Doctor Who Christmas Special character Grant – aka superhero The Ghost – but it looks as though he’s set to smash his way on to our TV screens in style.


Chatwin is seen blasting through a skyscraper window in a new snap from the festive edition of the sci-fi show, much to the surprise of Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Matt Lucas (Nardole), and Charity Wakefield (Lucy).


And there’s also a rather nice animated version, complete with a soundtrack fit for a superhero.

The sixty minute special (which FINALLY has a confirmed Christmas Day time slot) sees brain-swapping aliens poised to attack humans, so the Doctor and Nardole link up with an investigative reporter (Wakefield’s Lucy) and a mysterious figure known only as The Ghost (Chatwin) to attempt to save Manhattan.

We don’t officially know who the episode’s ‘big bad’ is yet, but some eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the company the Doctor investigates in a recently-released clip from the episode is called Harmony Shoal, almost certainly a reference to a mysterious organisation from last year’s Christmas Special called Shoal of the Winter Harmony.


And we can’t forget our theory that Grant could somehow be linked to frequent festive foe The Great Intelligence, whose own logo bears a resemblance to The Ghost’s insignia.