Justin Bieber set to go ‘All Around the World’ on space adventure

The Canadian pop-sensation has signed up for a flight with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic when it launches next year

Justin Bieber will fly into space in 2014, when Virgin Galactic starts running commercial flights beyond the earth’s atmosphere.


The news comes after Leonardo DiCaprio recently volunteered to fly into space for charity at a Cannes auction. The highest bidder bought a seat next to the star on the first space flight for $1.2m.

Virgin Galactic’s billionaire owner Richard Branson heard the news about Bieber’s mission and tweeted “Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts. Congrats, see you up there!”

The 19-year-old Canadian pop star, whose Twitter account has just gained 40 million followers, responded to Branson: “Let’s shoot a music video in SPACE!! #nextLEVEL.”

Last February the singer tweeted: “I wanna do a concert in space”. NASA responded: “Maybe we can help you with that.” However, Bieber has decided to go with Virgin Galactic instead.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Stephen Hawking, Ashton Kutcher and Tom Hanks are also believed to have booked seats on flights into space.

Space tourists will pay around £128,000 to take a spacecraft from New Mexico into space.

Tens of millions of pounds have been taken in deposits from people wanting to fly into space next year.


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