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John Barrowman live tweeted his flight, just because

It's strangely exciting when Captain Jack is narrating it

Published: Tuesday, 24th May 2016 at 8:17 am

It's 2016, so being on a plane isn't quite as exciting as it once would have been. We've all been there, done that. And if we haven't, we know what it's like from TV and films.


But when John Barrowman live-tweeted his flight it was sort of mesmerising.

First he told us he'd have wi-fi on the plane so he'd keep us updated...

Then things got really good up there in the clouds...

But DID he have the cheese plate? We never found out. John, you know how to keep an audience enthralled.

And THEN...

After that we got some sleep updates – the bit we'd been waiting for. We all love a nap story.





And that was the end of the story. We hope the Torchwood star live-tweets all his journeys (whether through the clouds, train stations, time or space) from now on because, inexplicably, we want to know more.


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