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Jenna Coleman reveals the major prop she stole from the Doctor Who set

The actress tells Jonathan Ross about the memento she has from her time on the BBC sci-fi drama

Jenna Coleman, Getty
Published: Saturday, 6th April 2019 at 9:22 pm

Nowadays, Jenna Coleman is seen on our TV screens reigning over 19th century England in Victoria, but it wasn't too long ago that she was travelling back and forth in time with the Doctor.


The actress – who played Clara Oswald on Doctor Who between 2012 and 2015 – has revealed her fondness for her time in the Tardis during an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Asked whether she owns any memorabilia from the set, the actress revealed she "stole quite a lot, actually".

But it turns out one of her mementos was actually a rather crucial piece of set...

"I stole a piece of Tardis. A proper Gallifreyan full on piece under my jumper," she recalled, before adding that she'd swiped it with permission from the crew – "it was in conjunction with the props team, they gave me the wink".

And that's not the only memory Coleman owns...

"I’ve also got the neon sign of the police box sign and I’ve got that in my dining room and it lights up.”

The actress was also quizzed on who her favourite Doctor is, and – rather than stay loyal to her co-stars Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi – she jokingly whispered "David Tennant!"


It looks like Queen Victoria's diplomacy has rubbed off on her...


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