Is this first glimpse of a Star Trek Discovery alien a new species or a classic comeback?

Could the Andorians have undergone a colour change or are we looking at a completely new species?


Here’s a first look at what we can only assume is one of the alien species the crew of the Starship Discovery will encounter when they make their debut in the new Star Trek series next year.


The pic was tweeted by Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller, along with the words “makeup test”, so unless something very strange is going on, that has to be the top of someone’s head we’re looking at.

But is this a new alien or one we’ve seen somewhere in the vast Star Trek universe before? The only race we can think of that sports antennae like that are the Andorians.

They’re usually blue skinned, with silver-white hair, although a sub-species, the Aenar, did have white skin so maybe this is another off-shoot, perhaps one with a penchant for sunbathing…?

On the other hand, this could of course be a completely new species – after all, Fuller is bound to want to make his own mark on the Star Trek universe and inventing your own alien has to be near the top of any fan’s checklist.


Star Trek Discovery lands on Netflix in January 2017