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Ingrid Oliver schooled a radio host on Doctor Who etiquette

Dan Clark had a bit of trouble when it came to Whovian terminology

Published: Thursday, 31st August 2017 at 2:32 pm

Ingrid Oliver, better known to Whovians as the scientist Petronella Osgood, has been busy setting the record straight when it comes to Doctor Who lingo.


Radio host Dan Clark got a little tongue-tied when asking her about the show. In fact, he was speaking in a totally different Dalek (sorry).

Attempting to ask Oliver whether she’d featured alongside several different Doctors, he settled for the phrase: "Have you cross-whoed?"

Oliver then proceeded to school Clark in Whovian etiquette, telling him that “cross-whoing” is most definitely “not a thing”.

In answer to Clark’s question, Oliver revealed that she had starred opposite four different Time Lords: John Hurt, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

To which Dan Clark exclaimed: “Four Whos!”


You can’t knock the guy for trying.


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