I’m an X-Files fan and this new trailer is really exciting

The truth about whether the new series will actually be any good is out there but for now I want to believe...


I never would have though a dubstep version of the X-Files theme tune would work but I may be reconsidering my position. Either way, this latest trailer for the new “six-part event” has finally got me properly excited.


I know the reviews from the States haven’t all been good but I’m going to reserve judgement and enjoy the build-up, which is always the best bit anyway, in the same way that Friday night is the best bit of the weekend.

This trailer has everything I’m looking for from new X-Files – a portentous voice-over from Fox Mulder about secrets and deception, Scully’s whispered assent (which always means things are getting serious), Mulder ad Scully’s torch beams penetrating the darkness (in your face CSI), quiet piano-music moments, thundering action-packed revelations, silhouettes, alien hands, the Smoking Man. It’s all there.

Let’s just hope the series lives up to it.