Here’s what Doctor Who monsters the Mire look like under their helmets

They may be "one of the deadliest warrior races in the entire galaxy" but they ain't pretty...

Back before we even knew their name, the Mire were the first monsters we glimpsed in series nine teaser photos.


Ever since then, we’d been wondering what was under those huge metal helmets. In episode five, The Girl Who Died, we finally found out.

The Mire are “one of the deadliest warrior races in the entire galaxy” – but they’re not pretty.

Huge circular rows of curved teeth… and not much else. No discernible eyes but a couple of bumps on the sides of their heads that look as if they might just be implants those tech-filled helmets feed into.

We now know that they are not necessarily quite as fearsome as they first appeared – they were, after all, beaten by some eels. “This humiliation will not go unpunished,” swore their leader. “We will meet again…” Fair enough but maybe this time leave your helmets on, yeah?


Doctor Who The Woman Who Lived is next Saturday at 8:20pm on BBC1