Here are 15 precious seconds of new Rogue One footage for Star Wars fans to obsess over

Are you ready to rebel with Felicity Jones in the new teaser for the film's second trailer?


When you’ve been waiting more than 15 months for a film, 15 seconds of new footage can make your Wednesday morning – and that’s exactly the effect the latest Rogue One teaser is having.


The sneak peek at the trailer that’s due for release tomorrow during the Rio Olympics (or tomorrow night if you’re in the UK) is packed with new shots from the upcoming Star Wars anthology film.

There’s a much better look at that much hyped U-wing fighter taking off from the rebel base on Yavin 4, and we get to see Donnie Yen’s blind warrior-monk Chirrut Imwe on the other side of that Stormtrooper battle he was fighting in the first trailer.

Spoiler Alert: He wins.


Now, enjoy playing it on repeat until the full trailer drops tomorrow.