The Haunting of Bly Manor’s hidden ghosts – how to spot 11 background figures

Check out some of the ghosts lurking in the background in the chilling new Netflix series


Ghosts are very much front and centre in Mike Flanagan’s hit new Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor, but as with his previous series The Haunting of Hill House, there are some spectres that are less easy to spot.


Scattered throughout the series, viewers have spotted some hidden ghosts lurking in the background – with Gamespot managing to find more than 50 of them – and we’ve put together a list of some of the spookiest moments so you can go back and find them yourselves.

Read on to find out how to spot the background figures – and bear in mind there will be spoilers for The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Episode 1 – next to the staircase

Ghost 1

In the first episode, several background ghosts crop up when Dani (played by The Haunting of Bly Manor cast lead Victoria Pedretti) is being shown around the manor by the children – even before she’s started to fear that the property is haunted. For example, in the below image as Flora warns the new governess not to fall at 21:01 – look out for the top hat on the right hand side.

Episode 1 – in the kitchen fireplace

Ghost 2

Later in the same episode, as Dani walks in on Miles and Flora eating their dinner you can catch a glimpse of the plague doctor’s ghost – whose origins are explored in episode eight – lurking in the fireplace at 36:09. look out for the mask on the upper left hand side.

Episode 2 – in the hallway

Ghost 3

You can find a particularly spooky ghost in the background as Dani walks down the dimly lit hall at 6:21 in the second episode.

Episode 3 – hiding in the hall

Ghost 4

As Dani walks into the room at 30:43 you can make out a ghostly figure hiding in the darkened area of the hall, on the left hand side.

Episode 3 – kitchen archway

Ghost 5

The ghosts certainly seem to like hanging around in the kitchen and you can spot one lurking under the archway as Hannah Grose and Owen chat at 37:23 in episode three – look out for the hat on the left hand side.

Episode 4 – in the study

Ghost 6

There’s that plague doctor ghost again! This time he’s hanging about in the study as Dani walks past having been on the search for wine at 46:06 in episode four – you can see the mask on the left hand side.

Episode 5 – in the church

Ghost 7

As the Wingrave’s arrive at 9:31 in episode 5, if you squint you might be able to spot a ghost in the entrance to the church – maybe praying for a more peaceful afterlife!

Episode 5 – behind the kitchen counter

Ghost 8

There’s another one in the kitchen – and this one hiding behind the counter on the right hand side at 30:42 is particularly spooky, we have to say.

Episode 6 – reflected in Flora’s mirror

Ghost 9
Ghost 9

At 14:12, Flora’s mother is trying to reassure her by showing her there’s nothing there – but there’s level of irony, as the reflection in fact shows a ghost right next to her closet.

Episode 6 – on either side of the staircase

Ghost 10

At 1:03:03, you can spot not one but two ghosts, one on each side of the staircase ,as they watch Dani desperately run into the attic – look out for the floating white heads.

Episode 7 – behind Rebecca Jessel

Ghost 11
And finally you can spot one over the shoulder of Rebecca Jessel at 27:33 in episode seven. The final two episodes include less ghosts in the background, since episode eight is a flashback explaining the origins of all the ghosts – so there’s no need for them to be hiding away – while the final episode is set largely away from Bly Manor itself.
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