Harrison Ford, Oscar Isaac and Zac Efron – the Star Wars 7 rumour mill goes into overdrive

May the Fourth is Star Wars Day. Is this the moment we'll find out who's in Episode VII? And were any of these actors at today's table read?

We have a feeling in our bones that a Star Wars Episode VII announcement is imminent. Why, you ask? Because after eighteen months of patient waiting, the sci-fi epic set in a galaxy far, far away is about to beging shooting in London handily coinciding with May the fourth – better known to many as annual Star Wars day. Coincidence, you say? An announcement, we sense.


But while we await the “big reveal”, the Episode VII rumour mill has gone into overdrive. With the cast meeting for their first table read in London today, original stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have all been spotted in the British capital. And while speculation the trio will appear has been doing the rounds for quite some time, today it emerged that Ford could feature more than we first thought. 

“The big surprise, I’m told, is that Ford has a gigantic role in the first of the next three films,” wrote Deadline‘s Mike Fleming Jr. And the Indiana Jones star isn’t the only name to be mentioned this morning, with Inside Llewlyn Davis actor Oscar Isaac emerging for the first time in connection with a “major role”.

Once again, John Boyega and Adam Driver’s names are topping the reported cast list, along with unknown Oxford graduate Maisie Richardson-Sellers. 

Then there’s the, ahem, less likely news of Zac Efron’s involvement thanks to an interview with Channel 5 News garnering a spot of attention.

“There are irons in the fire,” he tells them, “but I don’t like to talk about anything too early because it takes a while to get these things done right.” Realistically, he would totally know by now and – if we are being realistic here – we can’t quite see this one happening, although come May the fourth we may be eating our words. Over to you, J.J…