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Hailee Steinfeld tipped to play new Hawkeye in Jeremy Renner’s Disney+ series

As Kate Bishop, Steinfeld would serve as an apprentice to Renner’s familiar bowman

Published: Tuesday, 10th September 2019 at 11:21 am

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye may have just found his successor.


According to Variety, Pitch Perfect, Bumblebee and True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld has been tipped to join Renner’s upcoming Disney+ spin-off series, specifically to play comic book character Kate Bishop.

In the original Marvel comics, Kate is a wealthy young heiress who takes on the mantle of Hawkeye during the superhero archer’s supposed death, joining the so-called Young Avengers (an unofficial group of vigilantes modelled loosely on their elder namesakes) and later earning the original Hawkeye’s respect when he returns to life.

Later, in Matt Fraction’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye comics run (which the new Disney+ series is based on), Kate and Clint become wisecracking partners, leading to a period where Kate takes over as the series’ lead for a popular miniseries called Hawkeye: LA Woman.

Currently, it’s unknown how exactly the Hawkeye series will introduce Clint and Kate – notably, the family man Hawkeye of the Avengers movies is a far cry from the single, slightly hapless womaniser of Fraction’s stories – but fans will definitely be excited to see the hunt for Kate Bishop stepping up a gear.

Apparently, Steinfeld isn’t fully signed up yet – she’s just been offered the part, according to sources – but if she does become the official Kate Bishop, there’s scope for the character to appear in the main Marvel movies alongside her mentor, as well as in a potential Disney+ vehicle of her own.

Clearly, the future of Hawkeye is totally on target.


Hawkeye comes to Disney+ in late 2021


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