Unless you’ve spent your weekend scrolling through tweets, live-blogs and pictures of Sharknado hats, there’s a fair chance that you may have missed some of the funniest, most exciting moments to come out of San Diego Comic Con this year. Moments such as…


Batman Vs Superman

In such a space where a man dressed as Aquaman can rub shoulders with another dressed as Freddie Krueger; Comic Con always is at hand to prove that even the most random cultural blends can be possible. The big mash-up news this year was that of the official confirmation of Batman vs. Superman, casuing potential heart failure for the thousands of DC fans in Hall H. The project, which lies in the hands of director Zach Snyder, will serve as Man of Steel’s sequel, with Henry Cavill and the rest of the cast reprising their roles. As the official logo of Superman glowed on the screens with a pair of protruding ominous bat wings, the big question now remains: who will be wearing them?

Karen Gillan reveals shaved head

Although the convention is notorious for its super secret exclusives and hotbeds of new announcements, it was also a weekend of goodbyes. As Matt Smith waved farewell to his final Doctor Who panel, he was not the only time traveler unleashing a weight off their shoulders. On the panel for Saturday’s talk of hotly awaited new Marvel ensemble Guardians of the Galaxy, ex-Amy Pond Karen Gillan chatted about her new role in the adaptation as feisty space pirate Nebula. “Isn’t Nebula supposed to be bald?” one keen-eyed fan was quick to mention. “Yes she is,” Gillan admitted. “And I may have done something a little bit crazy…” before whipping off what had turned out to be a very convincing red wig.


The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

“I don’t really have anything to say, but I have something to add,” Avengers mastermind Josh Whedon announced as he took to the stage, before presenting the assembly with an impeccably short teaser for the Avengers sequel, alongside its new official title: Age of Ultron. Meanwhile, at another Marvel panel, all was not quite as hunky-dory. As fans awaited footage of Thor 2: The Dark World, they instead were met with crashes and bangs as Loki, Thor’s vengeful brother, instead graced the stage. “Stand back, you mewling quim,” actor Tom Hiddleston bellowed in full god-uniform to the hysterical panel, before unleashing his terror on the delighted crowd, calling Hall H, the convention’s largest exhibition space, a “meager palace of Midgard.”

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Sherlock series three footage

One of the treasures we were most looking forward to San Diego digging out did not disappoint in the shape of Thursday’s Sherlock panel. Alongside an exclusive clip from the new series, Steven Mofatt and Mark Gatiss took to the stage to confirm a fourth series, fantasise on future Sherlock stories they wanted to tackle, Sherlock’s love-life, and working with gradually mutating movie stars Cumberbatch and Freeman. The pair themselves did not leave the fans in the dark, filming special video messages professing their love of the series, with Cumberbatch going as far as to re-enact the much murmured about Series 2 finale, with a toy monkey.


Doctor Who 50th anniversary

Rather unsurprisingly, of the big-hitters of 2013’s proceedings was the inevitable Doctor Who panel. Although this year being exceptionally more special, as it was, of course, the sci-fi series’ golden jubilee. To whoops and cheers, late-night chatshow host and full-time Whovian Craig Ferguson led the panel in a discussion of favourite moments and speculation on a very busy year indeed, as the show gears up Mark Gatiss’ dramatic homage Adventures in Time and Space, the 50th anniversary special, and gearing Matt Smith up for his goodbyes. Alongside reminiscing and jokes with the cast and writers, the fans were also treated to a world-exclusive glimmer of the 50th anniversary special’s trailer, rousing slight niggles throughout the UK fanbase.

Matt Smith takes to the convention floor – in disguise

Talking of Doctor Who… Matt Smith risked certain death as he waltzed around the convention floor in a rather creepy looking Bart Simpson mask. Putting on an impressive American accent, Smith exchanged pleasantries with his fellow convention-goers, complimenting completely flummoxed passers-by in full scale Who costumes, who are going to get quite a shock when they log on to Youtube today.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It is perhaps fair to say that when Joss Whedon walks into a room of a comic convention, he’s hardly going to be short of friends. However, following Friday’s presentation of his new Marvel adaptation Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Whedon is steadily verging on god-like. For as the fans gathered in the San Diego ballroom for teasers of the fantastical law enforcement series, they were not just treated to a morsel-sized sneak series, but an entire pilot of Whedon’s post-Avengers universe. “That was so worth getting in line for at 3.30 in the morning,” one fan beamed.

Game Of Thrones

After a hectic year for the Westeros lot, the cast and creator George R Martin took to their seats for a well earnt sit-down. Opening to an amusing In Memorium spoof set to “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” by Boyz II Men, the Thrones survivors including Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke had a very jovial discussion post-Series 3, and indulged the audience in an exclusive deleted scene of Lannister and Pycelle. There was also a surprise hello from Jason Moma, who made quite the entrance by passionately smooching a bewildered Clarke, before charging off the stage announcing, “I’m not dead yet, George!” (The below video, of course, contains spoilers.)


Breaking Bad

Another cause for excitement, but also sadness, over the weekend was the final goodbye from the Breaking Bad creative team, who took to the stage to talk Series 5b, ie: Walt’s last waltz. The cast, including Bryan Cranston wearing a hideously realistic Walter White head-mask embraced their final get together with an intense character study on the well-meaning Chemistry teacher, and looked back on their finest moments, with show-runner Vince Gilligan, breathing a sigh of relief that he was happy with the series’ final push. What that may entail, we still have absolutely no bloody clue, but suffice to say it’s not going to be an easy one. As Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler, slightly understated, “Life certainly threw that family some curveballs.”


Veronica Mars trailer

The magic of fan-power was put under a very sheer spotlight during the panel of Veronica Mars, as creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell beamed through the first glimpse of the much awaited movie adaptation, which was put together through Kickstarter funding. After the cult-series was culled back in 2007, fan funding for the promise of a movie managed to pull together over 3 million dollars. As for the movie itself, Thomas revealed a lot had changed for the plucky private investigator. "Veronica has not worked as a private detective since the last time you saw her. Part of this movie is her getting back into this life she thought she left behind." With the cogs for the movie fully oiled up, the casting news of Jamie Lee-Curtis was also revealed.