Warning: Major spoilers for Foundation season 2 episode 10 ahead.


The shock ending to Foundation season 2 has left fans of the show stunned - and they're not the only ones, as showrunner David S Goyer has admitted the other writers were aghast when he first floated the idea.

The final episode of season 2 sees the tragic death of Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey) at the hands of a mentallic still under the spell of Tellem (Rachel House).

No one saw it coming as Gaal (Lou Llobell) had a premonition that saw the character dying at the hands of The Mule - and that was what was originally meant to happen.

Goyer told The Wrap: “Originally we planned for Salvor to die in Season 3 at the hands of The Mule. And in the middle of the season, I had this notion and I proposed it to the other writers and everyone was violently opposed to it. I said well let me write it, let me try. So I wrote it and I said we’ll take a vote, and everyone said it works".

He added: "It works on a character reason because it lets Gaal know that the future is not written in stone, and that’s going to be really important as we introduce The Mule, who is this horrible existential threat, because it’s not just written in stone for her, but it’s not written in stone for humanity.

"I thought it’s also heartbreaking that they’re distant at the beginning of the season and they build this bridge and then she dies. But sometimes that’s life.”

Viewers were left distraught after the shock death, with one writing on Twitter, which was recently re-branded as X: "Oh lord not Salvor! Please make this a mind trick or something."

Another added: "Wait a minute, salvor is gone and I’m supposed to keep watching?!"

Apple is yet to announce a season 3 of the show but recent reports suggest new episodes were in the works before the Hollywood strikes.

Foundation is available to stream on Apple TV+. Sign-up for Apple TV+ for £6.99.

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