People love this fan-made Doctor Who audio story with “amazing” Nine and Twelve impressions

"I’ll never get over how much the voices actually sound like nine and twelve!"


Earlier this month we pointed you in the direction of this excellent Ninth Doctor impression from comedian Pete Walsh. Well for those who enjoyed it (which seems to have been a lot of you), here’s a real gem – an entire fan-made audio story featuring Pete as Christopher Eccleston’s northern Doctor, as well as Jonathon Carley doing an impressive impersonation of Peter Capaldi’s Scots Twelfth Doctor.


And judging by the comments posted against it, Doctor Who fans are loving it.

“Oh mannn this is so cool the story is gripping!!” says sugarize. “I’ll never get over how close much the voices actually sound like nine and twelve!”

“The 9th Doctor Voice is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!” agrees Nick Toweett.

“Oh My God! I’ve just been addicted with this audio story, and it’s even my first time hearing this kind of audio! And it’s fan-made! This is SO COOL!!!” says Azizul Adnan. “And it’s canon for me too, just like everyone comment in this video :)”

We could go on, but why not listen for yourselves…