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Everything you need to know about Doctor Who series 10 episode 12 – The Doctor Falls

Cybermen! Masters! The end of the Doctor? Here’s what to expect from the action-packed Doctor Who finale

Published: Monday, 19th June 2017 at 1:49 pm

This is the end, my Time Lord friend. After 11 action-packed episodes the adventures of the Doctor, Bill and Nardole come to a close in this week’s episode – and here’s what you can expect.


What’s it called?

Series 10's last episode is called The Doctor Falls, suggesting that Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord could be about to take a literal, mortal or metaphorical tumble.

When is it on TV?

The Doctor Falls will air on Saturday 1st July, at a time to be confirmed, and it will be an extended 60-minute episode instead of the usual 45-minute edition.

What happens in it?

The Mondasian Cybermen attack as John Simm’s earlier incarnation of the Master returns, and the fate of humanity is in the balance.

Or, to describe it in the rather succinct words of series showrunner Steven Moffat:

“Without hope, without witness, without reward.”

The Mondasian Cybermen are on the rise. It’s time for the Doctor’s final battle…

Who’s in it?



Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas continue in their roles as the Doctor, Bill and Nardole respectively, with Michelle Gomez guest starring as Missy and John Simm making his first major appearance as her earlier incarnation since 2010 (pictured, having appeared briefly in series 10’s eleventh episode).

Who’s written it?

Head writer and departing series showrunner Steven Moffat, marking his penultimate Doctor Who script before December’s Christmas special.

Who are the baddies?


Ostensibly the Mondasian Cybermen, back in the series after 50 years offscreen – though we’d be surprised if both Simm and Gomez’ Masters don’t have a hand in the nefarious happenings in this week’s episode as well.

Anything else?


As noted, this is the penultimate episode of Doctor Who for both star Peter Capaldi and series showrunner Steven Moffat, with the pair leaving after the Christmas special this December – so don’t be surprised if there’s a little hint at what’s to come (perhaps involving David Bradley playing William Hartnell’s First Doctor, as rumoured) at the end of the hour.


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