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Dracula episode 1 attracts mixed reception from viewers: "Perfect" "Dreadful"

On the whole there has been significant praise for the show - but some viewers have expressed reservations

Published: Thursday, 2nd January 2020 at 11:45 am

There was never any doubt that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ new Dracula adaptation would get people talking - and the first episode has opened to something of a mixed reception from viewers.


While on the whole there has been significant praise for the new take on the classic story, some fans have expressed one or two reservations about the first episode.

Many viewers also expressed their fear at the show, with fans calling the adaptation, “terrifying” and “disturbing.”

One Twitter user wrote, “Well, it’s difficult to bring something new to a story that’s already been told a bunch of times, and told well a bunch of times. That was really rather fun. Right amount of schlock, clever unpicking of cliché, and Van Helsing was cool.”

Another claimed, “Well I thought the first episode of #Dracula was great. Funny, aggressive, scary, gross and filled with clever reflections on the original story. Interesting faith angle too. And that #ChristopherLee homage shot!”

And a third viewer tweeted, “Absolutely perfect first part. I really hope that the rest continues in the same vein. The BEST thing I've seen this festive period. Well done to all.”

However not all the reactions to the show were positive. One user wrote, “So Dracula on the BBC. Well lasted less than an hour, a dreadful rehash done in typical BBC/Gatiss/Moffat style.”

And another claimed, “With all the hype, I gave it a shot. I lasted 20 mins. I was bored by the non-shock value of the over the top effects. While borrowing from the Hammer films of the 1960s, it would take a great deal to outdo the 1977 BBC adaptation, with Louis Jordan in the main role."

Some fans also took against the accent Claes Bang had adopted for the role (at least as the 'aged' Dracula), with comments comparing the voice to everything from Alexander Meerkat and Riff Raff to Tommy Wiseau and a Sacha Baron Cohen character.

Meanwhile, over on the Facebook page, viewer opinions were similarly divided.

One fan wrote, “Whip smart, witty and bloody. A great combination that makes for great Gothic storytelling and a great start” while another claimed, “Mark Gatiss, you've got some nerve and a large helping of cheek - this was classy stuff and it looked terrific - looking forward to the rest.”

However, on the more negative side, a self-confessed ‘big Dracula fan’ wrote, “I found the way Dracula was being portrayed was not dark and mesmerising for me, it didn't have the hypnotic vibe that Dracula for me should have.”

Another fan criticised some of the humour and word play on offer, writing, “Dracula should be sophisticated and dignified not a stand-up comedian with one-liners tripping off his tongue.”

And perhaps the overall reception can be best illustrated by one comment, “Mixed review from me. Mostly liked it, but had some moments I didn't care for. 6.5/10 but will continue watching.”


Dracula continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One


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