If we've learnt anything from Cool Runnings, it's that film fans love underdogs and snow. New Disney movie Cloud 9 has both in abundance, making it perfect post-Winter Olympics viewing.


We caught up with it's chirpy star Dove Cameron, who plays Kayla Morgan, to talk about the film, working with Samuel L Jackson, and Who's her favourite Brit.

RadioTimes.com: Hello Dove! Welcome to Britain. Sorry about the rain, it does that a lot.

Dove Cameron: I love Britain! It's beautiful. I'm from Seattle so I'm used to the clouds and the grey and the rain. I feel very at home here. It feels like home but with more interesting architecture and with better street style.

Street style? Is this a thing the young people are doing? What ever do you mean?

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I love the street style here. I think fashion is an expression of who you are, worn on your back, so it's interesting to how self-expressed people in Britain are: you get dressed up just to go to work! I've been clicking away with my camera in my head and storing looks that I'm going to try when I got back to the 'States.

*straightens blouse* Why, thank you. And what British TV do you like?

Doctor Who. I am a BIG Doctor Who fan. I am one Doctor Who mug away from being captain of the Doctor Who fans. I would DIE to be a part of it. It's the only thing I fan girl over.

Other than the Doctor, who would you like to work with?

Tim Burton, hands down. I love his macabre style, it's very me: very dark and romantic. All of my favourite movies are Tim Burton movies and my absolute favourite is Edward Scissorhands. It's strange, and I love the strange.

Sticking with films, Cloud 9 is a film about snowboarders and some of their moves are insane! Did you do your own stunts?

I didn't end up doing any of the stunts because Disney want their actors to be alive at the end of the movie! I had many stunt doubles so it wasn't as physically demanding as it may have looked.

Fair enough. So, other than snowboarding, what else differentiates Cloud 9 from other Disney films?

There is a lot of romance in the film: I can safely say it's the most romantic film Disney have ever done. We push the envelope a little bit, and we get to a really nice place that is still Disney. I won't tell you if there's a kiss but there might be.

A kiss? Cor, we'll look out for it. As well as on the slopes, a lot of the action's set in a dog grooming shop. What was it like working with the dogs?

They were great, very well trained. They were better trained than some of the actors.

Not that we're comparing them to dogs, but what was it like working with Samuel L Jackson and Jessica Alba in upcoming feature film Barely Lethal?

They were very kind. It has always been my knowledge that the best people are at the top and they were no exception.

Did you pick up any acting tips from them?

They're very efficient: they come in, do it in a couple of takes and they're out, because they've been doing it for so long. I hope to be there one day.

Would you consider them to be role models?

I firmly believe that as long as you are better the next day than the day before, then you're living your life right. So, I'm my own role model.

What are your tips for kids who may see you as a role model?

Be yourself. There was a long time when I got lost in trying to model myself after someone else in order to find success. I got lost in other people which is not the formula for success. The formula for success is being the best version of you.


Cloud 9 airs on the Disney Channel on 28 February at 5:30pm