Dogtor Who: 8 of the best pictures of dogs dressed as the Doctor

Yes, the internet has thought of this - and we like it...

While we await the series 8 finale and the mystery of Missy being solved, the internet is busy with pictures of dogs dressed as the Doctor (of course, what else).


Dogtor Who if you will.

In fact, there’s a whole Dogtor Who competition going on Tumblr for you to create your own version of a Doctor with the head of a dog.

Meanwhile, from multicoloured scarfs to Sonic Screwdrivers, these dogs are rocking the various Time Lord looks, and we like them… (it is Friday after all)

Working that oversize scarf…

via chelseastheday Tumblr

A lesson in going the whole hog

via deviantart

At least he’s not peeing on it.

via spookyrichhouse Tumblr

Someone tell him when the extra calling day is

via misurkaful Tumblr

The casual Doctor. Kicking back. Letting the jacket do the talking.

via paradisetowers Tumblr

“I’m handsome, right?”

via da5idt Tumblr

So ready for his close up

via lovehimtoruins Tumblr

Totally owning it.

via @House_My_Dog Twitter

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