Does this insightful Doctor Who fan theory prove the Daleks aren’t evil after all?


The Daleks. Murderous little bampots, the ultimate evil in the universe with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. 


But wait! Is it possible we’ve misunderstood them all this time? Yes, according to one amazing fan theory from Reddit user Misterv3. It all goes back to The Witch’s Familiar, the second episode of this series. At one point, Clara climbs inside a Dalek Travel Machine (seriously, that’s what they call the wee tanks they drive around in) and finds herself completely unable to express positive emotions. When she tries to say ‘love’, she is forced to say ‘hate’.

Missy explains that the Dalek machinery automatically converts all positive emotions inside the suit into negative actions. Any strong emotion at all causes the weapon to fire. It’s an idea that was raised before in last series’ Into the Dalek, when the Doctor called this filter “evil refined as engineering.”

But wait, Misterv3 asks, doesn’t that mean that actual Daleks trapped inside the suit don’t have a choice? They might actually be really nice guys, forced into doing terrible things.

So, if Clara can’t express her own thoughts whilst in the Dalek, how do we know that the actual Daleks are not actually capable of emotions other than hatred? We already know that Daleks have prisons. It seems to me that Daleks are oppressed by their rulers, unable to express themselves. Those who go against the Supreme Dalek’s masterplan are locked away or killed.

There is no reason to believe that the Daleks as a species are evil. Even after ‘Into the Dalek’ the Doctor keeps on bloody killing them. What a dick


Damn. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for the knobbly wheelie bins.