Does Peter Capaldi have a (slightly) different look in Doctor Who series 10?

A new Instagram snap hints at a tweak in his costume…


As the long dark night of our Doctor Who-less year drags on we’ll happily descend on any details about 2017’s series 10 that are thrown our way, so this new set picture of Peter Capaldi signing autographs while in costume has nicely tided us over for a bit.


And interestingly, there may actually be some new details in it – it looks to us like the Twelfth Doctor will be sporting a SLIGHTLY different look in next year’s adventures, with a slightly longer dark coat (similar to the one he wore in series 9 finale Hell Bent) and a slightly baggier, grey hoodie (whereas previously he’s mainly stuck with blue).

Also, the combination of the hoodie with his full suit (and white shirt) is a first, with the actor previously only opting for the extra insulation when wearing a T-shirt. God, he must be toasty right now.

So in summary: Peter Capaldi now (probably) has a marginally different costume, and while we’re waiting for Doctor Who for a long time we’ll analyse any tiny detail to try and find out more. Good to know.


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 this Christmas and in 2017 for a new series