Doctors Who, Venkman and Brown cause a traffic accident in new Lego Dimensions trailer

Worlds collide - quite literally - but could Harley Quinn be the only qualified doctor on the scene?


This is the sci-fi doctors mash-up you’ve been waiting for – and when we say mashup, we mean it…


The Doctor, Dr Peter Venkman and Dr ‘Doc’ Emmett Brown (from Doctor Who, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, respectively) collide in the new Lego Dimensions trailer after a surfeit of politeness ends with them crashing their vehicles at a crossroads. Plastic CGI bricks everywhere

But despite all these doctors, we have to wondered, are any of them actually medically qualified? The Doctor himself did once mention studying under pioneering surgeon Joseph Lister in one of his very early incarnations, but a couple of thousand years later he’s bound to be rusty at best. Doc Brown clearly knows his science but whether he actually holds any genuine qualifications we’re not so sure. And we strongly suspect Venkman uses the word doctor like you would a nickname.


No, the most qualified person on the scene medically speaking is none of the above, it’s another character entirely who pops up at the end – supervillain Harley Quinn, formerly known as Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel, MD…