Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat: “The Tardis is a party animal”

"I don’t think either the Doctor or The Tardis are setting out to mend the universe," says the showrunner

We all know the Tardis is much more than a machine. In one episode of Doctor Who it’s been characterised as the Time Lord’s wife, and in the case of Clara Oswald it appears it can be as defensive and disapproving as any jealous spouse. But despite all that, at its heart the Tardis is just… 


…”a party animal”, says Steven Moffat.

Asked how the Tardis chose where to take the Doctor on his adventures, the Who showrunner told Nerd3: “I don’t think it’s like Quantum Leap where he’s been put where he needs to be. It’s much more the Tardis is like a party animal saying ‘That looks way fun! Let’s put the Doctor there and see what happens’.”

And of course this suits the Time Lord just fine. “That’s what the Doctor’s like as well,” said Moffat. “Why does he never turn up in times of peace? What. Would. He. Do? He turns up where there’s fun. There’s that line in the [series six episode] The Impossible Astronaut ‘If I just give her the overall picture she’ll put me in the place that’s most fun’. The Doctor is a thrill-seeker – he lives for danger and excitement – so the Tardis just throws him there and he tries to sort it out as best he can.

“I don’t think either the Doctor or The Tardis are setting out to mend the universe… [Although] sometimes I think the Doctor pretends to himself that he’s doing that.”

Moffat was speaking to Nerd3 in a wide-ranging and entertaining video interview. Watch the whole thing below.

Image: Tim Rose