Doctor Who writers were asked to finish each others’ stories and the results are incredibly weird

The people who brought us series 9 have joined forces to create a new Time Lord tale – and it's quite bizarre


What happens when you hand a group of Doctor Who writers a pen and a piece of paper and tell them to write a story about the Time Lord with just one sentence for inspiration?


That’s what the BBC powers that be set out to discover when they gathered together all the writers from Doctor Who series 9.

Steven Moffat, Sarah Dollard, Mark Gatiss and co were handed a clipboard and a pen, and asked to create one great big Doctor Who tale together.

The catch was, the person with the clipboard would only be able to see the last sentence, written by the writer before them.

Doctor Who series 9 writers – Truth or Consequences

Watch the writing team of Series 9 play a game of Truth or Consequences and continue the story in the comments – over to you!

Posted by Doctor Who on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The results? Well, they were… a bit bizarre. Then again, what do expect from the most respected sci-fi writers in space and time?

The good news is, the story isn’t finished: viewers right now are carrying on the game, one comment at a time, on the Doctor Who Facebook page.


Dare you join them in creating a tale that’s as old as timey wimey?