Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels return in new video game trailer

Don't blink! The Lonely Assassins will be released in March, and will see the Doctor’s most terrifying foes back on the rampage…

Weeping Angel

The Weeping Angels are back – and for the first time, they’re entirely handheld.


No, we’re not talking about adorable little pocket-sized Doctor Who monsters – though we wouldn’t be averse to seeing an episode all about that. Rather, we’re looking at the debut of first-look images and footage for new Doctor Who videogame The Lonely Assassins, a smartphone-based adventure starring the Doctor’s most statuesque foes that’s set to be released by BBC Studios on the 19th March.

Developed by Maze Theory and Kaigan Games for iOS, Android mobile devices and Steam, the game will see players team up with UNIT’s Petronella Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) to track down missing person Lawrence Nightingale (Finlay Robertson) and avoid the Weeping Angels, who have escaped from Wester Drumlins following the events of fan-favourite 2007 episode Blink.

Described as “blurring the line between live-action footage and gameplay”, The Lonely Assassins will see players hunt for clues and decipher puzzles through their smartphones, while fictional “live feeds” will show the heroes – and the angels themselves – at various points throughout the story.

A first-look trailer for the game starring Oliver and Robertson is available to watch above (with footage filmed in London and Cardiff), and a summary of the story can be read below.

“Following their encounter with the Tenth Doctor, the Weeping Angels were trapped in the basement of Wester Drumlins. That is, until now…” a press release states.

“Merciless as ever, the Weeping Angels are back with a vengeance. Will you be able to uncover the truth and avoid their clutches? Now that the Weeping Angels have the power to infiltrate technology, no device is safe…”

Doctor Who
A glimpse at gameplay in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins (BBC)

Currently, players who want the game when it’s released can pre-register for access on iPhone/iOS and Android devices, or can pre-order and wishlist the game on Steam. A Nintendo Switch version is also apparently on its way, though it’s a little unclear when exactly this version of the game will be available.

Still, for everyone else it’s that all-important 19th March release date to look forward to. Plenty of time to get all that blinking out of your system…


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