New Doctor Who teaser suggests big announcement could be imminent

Some fans gave suggested the 15 second trailer could suggest an early start date for series 12

Dr Who

Doctor Who fans haven’t had a glimpse of the TARDIS since New Year’s Day – but a new teaser trailer suggests that the wait for more adventures in time and space could be over before too long.


Posted on the official Doctor Who YouTube and Twitter pages, the 15 second clip shows the TARDIS hurtling through space, before the words “Watch this space” flash up on screen.

The Twitter post is accompanied by the caption “Make Space… 23.11.19” suggesting that further information will be available in less than two weeks’ time.

Some particularly optimistic Whovians have even suggested that the date could mark the surprise start of series 12 – after it had previously been thought that Jodie Whittaker and the rest of the cast wouldn’t return until 2020.

And the YouTube version of the trailer suggests that there could be something to those claims – it’s titled Doctor Who: Series 12 – although at this stage it’s probably more likely that the date will mark the release of further information about the upcoming run rather than the start of the series itself.

The 23rd November is a significant date in Doctor Who history – the very first episode of the sci-fi classic, starring William Hartnell as the Time Lord, was released on this day in 1963.

And even if series 12 isn’t imminent, Doctor Who fans will be able to watch that first episode and dip into other classics from the archive soon – with the entire back catalogue set to be made available on new streaming service BritBox in December.


This trailer is not the first teaser for the new series dropped on social media in the last few weeks – Halloween saw the release of a new poster showing the shadow of Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, also marked with the mysterious “Watch this space” caption.