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Doctor Who star Peter Davison 'calls it a day' on Twitter after "toxicity" around female Doctor comments

The Fifth Doctor said he was worried about "a loss of a role model for boys" but was at pains to point out that fans should be supportive of change

Published: Monday, 24th July 2017 at 11:40 am

Former Doctor Who star Peter Davison appears to have given up on Twitter for the time being after being unimpressed by the response to comments he made – or didn't make – about Jodie Whittaker being cast as the first female Doctor.


"All this toxicity about a sci-fi show has been sobering, so I'm calling it a day," wrote the Fifth Doctor in his latest Twitter post. "@PeterDavison5 used to be fun. Now it's not."

Davison has faced criticism from some quarters – including fellow Doctor Colin Baker – after saying during an interview at San Diego Comic Con that he felt changing the Time Lord to a Time Lady meant "a loss of a role model for boys". But some fans appear to have made the assumption that Davison has been entirely unsupportive of the move, and critical of Whittaker herself, something he has been at pains to point out is not the case.

Davison also urged encouragement and understanding of Doctor Who fans who were dubious about the Time Lord's sex change.

"There’s too much bile coming from both sides and too many people are being horribly sexist about it and too many people are saying 'well, we don’t care about you, you’re old-fashioned, go away and watch something else'," said Davison in the interview. "I think fans who are doubtful and uncertain should be encouraged and welcomed – just approach it with an open mind."

Here's a transcript of the key parts of Davison's interview – followed by the video itself, which also features Colin Baker – so you can make your mind up for yourself:

"I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for her and I think it will be hard for some fans to adjust to it – as I said before it’s difficult to adjust to any new Doctor[…] but I think the important thing is that those who are uncertain should be encouraged to watch it with an open mind.

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"I think the time for discussion about that is past. They’ve made the announcement that Jodie Whittaker is the next Doctor and that’s great.

"If I feel any doubts about it, it’s the loss of a role model for boys, who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for, so I feel a bit sad about that but I understand the argument that you’ve got to open it up, so she has my best wishes and full confidence, I’m sure she’ll do a wonderful job.


"As a viewer, I quite like the idea of the Doctor as a boy but maybe I'm an old-fashioned dinosaur, who knows, but that’s irrelevant now – we have a new Doctor and let’s give her our full support."


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