Doctor Who spin-off Class will launch in the US at the same time as the main show

American fans will have to wait until April to see both series, according to creator Patrick Ness


You wait 16 months for a new Doctor Who series – and then two come along at once… At least that appears to be the case for US fans of the show, with the news that American audiences will have to hold on until the spring for both series ten of Doctor Who and BBC3’s YA spin-off Class.


Class creator Patrick Ness shared the details during a Twitter Q&A for BBC America, confirming “They’re gonna launch it with the brand new series of Doctor Who, so it kind of makes sense if you think about. So America will get a whole lot of new stuff all at once…”

Whether US Who fans will see it quite like that remains to be seen – Doctor Who is traditionally broadcast pretty much simultaneously around the world, which this time, according to Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, means April 2017 (and certainly in the spring). But Class is due to land in the UK much earlier, on Saturday 22nd October, in fact. Which will be a welcome relief to British viewers rueing the lack of a full Doctor Who series this year, but not so much to those in the US.


On the other hand, next spring is going to be like Christmas for American Whovians. Except of course, that there is an actual Christmas, with an actual Doctor Who Christmas special, to come first. And there’s the internet…