Doctor Who: Should Sherlock’s Lara Pulver become a Time Lady?

The Sherlock star has said that she'll talk to Steven Moffat... but would you like to see her helming the TARDIS in the future?

It’s the issue that just won’t regenerate: should the next Doctor be a Time Lady? Sherlock star Lara Pulver seems to think so.


Rumours started by The Daily Express last year suggested that Matt Smith would transform into a woman for the 50th anniversary this November, with Pulver favourite to take the role. Whilst you should take such speculation with a cosmos of salt, the actor has expressed interest, telling The Independent: “I would definitely talk to Steven [Moffat] about it. A female Doctor Who… who knows?”

In Doctor Who lore, it’s entirely possible for the gender switch, with Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife cheekily hinting on screen last year of a male Time Lord that changed sex during regeneration. But would such a switch suit the show, and would you have Pulver down for the role?


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