This October we’re already well into spooky season, with our minds turning to all sorts of ghosts and ghouls as we approach Halloween – and for Doctor Who fans, that means revisiting some of the scariest episodes from the BBC sci-fi series.

Over the past half-century Doctor Who has become legendary for sending multiple generations of kids quivering behind the sofa, whether they were terrified of the Daleks, quaking at the sight of The Green Death’s maggots or keeping a beady eye on every statue after encountering the Weeping Angels.

But which is the scariest monster of all? Which Doctor Who baddie would give the hardiest Time Lord nightmares and still gives you a shudder when you think back to the first time you saw them on-screen?

Well, this Halloween we’re aiming to find out. Here at we’ve assembled a longlist of all the spookiest, creepiest monsters that have stayed with us over the years, and we’re looking for you to tell us which one still gives you the Who-bie jeebies.

Is it the Daleks or Cybermen that make you shiver, or did you never get over the Vervoids? Did the recently-introduced Dregs dredge up a primodial fear, or are you more creeped out by the Ice Warriors? And what about monsters we never even saw, like the creature from Midnight?

Make your choice from the list above and vote now! We’ll be totting up the votes and revealing the top choices – including the overall winner – some time before the 31st October.

And if you do first want a refresher by rewatching some of these creatures’ seriously spooky starring roles, well, we’d make sure you leave on a few lights… and keep your sonic screwdriver close to hand.

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