Russell T Davies has confirmed a Doctor Who script he wrote in 1985 is to be turned into a new audio adventure by Big Finish.


The former showrunner, whose new series It's A Sin begins on Channel 4 this Friday, let the news slip on The One Show last night (Monday 18th January) after he was asked if rumours that he'd written a new script were true.

"Well it's a strange thing," he began. "I reached into one of those boxes you have at home full of old papers and old bills and I found this."

He then showed off a reasonably chunky pile of papers, revealing, "It is a Doctor Who script that I wrote in 1985 on an electric typewriter in a bedsit in Cardiff."

He went on, "And I think someone is going to make it. My friend Scott Hancock's going to make an audio version of this with a company called Big Finish, so that'll be nice!"

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Big Finish has also shared a clip of the relevant section of Davies' interview on Twitter, with the caption hinting that he had revealed the news slightly earlier than originally planned.

"It would appear that some Big Finish news has leaked..." it read. "Luckily, I don't think anyone noticed, as it was on an obscure web forum... oh no, wait a minute!"

Further details about the script have not been revealed at this point but, given the string of exceptional episodes Davies would go on to write during his tenure as showrunner, hopes will be high among Whovians for a thrilling adventure.

Davies was the showrunner of the iconic sci-fi series following its revival in 2005, staying in the role until 2010 when he stood down and was replaced by Steven Moffat.

He oversaw a highly successful spell in the show's history, also creating two very popular spin-off series in the process – the John Barrowman-starring Torchwoood, and CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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