Doctor Who: Rose sequel “Revenge of the Nestene” released online

Written by Russell T Davies and read by regular Who voice actor and impressionist Jacob Dudman, the new audio scene lets us know what happened next after Doctor Who’s first modern episode

Doctor Who: Rose

If the worldwide simultaneous rewatch of Rose wasn’t enough Doctor Who nostalgia for you, then we have good news – because former series showrunner Russell T Davies has written a new coda for the 2005 episode, which has been released online.


Starring Jacob Dudman (who you may recognise from various Doctor Who impression videos as well as a lot of Big Finish productions), the episode is called Revenge of the Nestene, and follows what happened next to the Auton leader after he was seemingly destroyed in the episode.

Meanwhile, the story also manages to throw in all sorts of deep-cut Doctor Who references to the Day of the Doctor, the classic series and – surprisingly – a Who story that Davies only released earlier the same day.

As it turns out, one small piece survived the Ninth Doctor’s anti-plastic, escaping into an Auton sentry (specifically a very creepy clown), swearing revenge on the Doctor (while referencing future adventures) and reflecting on how its society was destroyed in the Time War, all before finding a new, permanent form for itself.

And that form…well, we won’t spoil the ending – you’d be better off listening to the whole thing – but suffice it to say that Davies hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to a bit of sci-fi satire. But perhaps we should have known that after Years and Years anyway.

All in all, it’s the perfect coda to the great fan event that was the worldwide Rose rewatch, and just one in a long line of new releases from Doctor Who insiders past and present that have brightened up the past couple of weeks. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One for Revolution of the Daleks in late 2020/early 2021