Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: The scariest monsters revealed

Doctor Who fans have voted The Weeping Angels the most terrifying enemies of the Doctor – but what do we make of the top 10 overall?

Doctor Who – Weeping Angels

As Halloween approaches, we’re sure Doctor Who fans everywhere will be revisiting their favourite spooky episodes (assuming they’re not just tuning in to the Blink watchalong) – but which monster truly has Whovians quaking in their boots?


Recently, we asked our readers to vote for the scariest Doctor Who monsters of all times, and as the winner – The Weeping Angels, naturally – is announced, in this week’s podcast we delve a little deeper into the creepiest baddies faced by the Doctor over the years.

Specifically, we count down the top 10 as voted for by the fans in our scariest monster poll, beginning with The Impossible Planet’s Beast through Cybermen, gas mask zombies, hungry shadows and The Silence right through to the Daleks and more – and you can check out the top 10 list below.

  1. Weeping Angels – 35 per cent
  2. Daleks – 13 per cent
  3. Midnight Creature – 7 per cent
  4. Gas Mask zombies – 7 per cent
  5. Vashta Nerada – 6 per cent
  6. The Flood – 5 per cent
  7. The Silence – 5 per cent
  8. The Cybermen – 5 per cent
  9. Mondasian Cybermen – 5 per cent
  10. The Beast – 2 per cent

Are the Daleks still scary all these years later? Why aren’t more people creeped out by the Mondasian Cybermen? And why are so many Doctor Who fans still scared of a monster none of us even saw? Listen on to find out.

Plus, we take a look at the possible future of the Weeping Angels following their last onscreen appearances in 2015/16, and ponder whether the Lonely Assassins could one day return.

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